Reposition your brand For community success in 2023

build a brand your That Galvanizes Community


Your brand must do more in 2023
Your customers want a relationship with others like them

Customers Just don't trust traditional brands

They Expect a relationship with your team

So Let's level up your brand
reposition your Brand for community success
with this live 9-exercise brand workshop

(re)Visit your Brand, Marketing & Community Strategy with me and 18 other experts to...

Plot a community roadmap that creates a culture of belonging

Cover: Confidently Craft a Magnetic Brand

We'll use this January workshop to
collaboratively Design your community experience

Craft a ‘Wearable’ Brand Story

Jan 9th

Clarify Your Brand’s Essence

Jan 11th

Find & Test Your Perfect Users 

Jan 14 

Ready Your Market to co-create

Jan 18

Forge an Authentic Voice & Feel

Jan 23

Produce THE  BEST Roadmap for 2023

Jan 25

Co-Create this year's business strategy in 4 weeks with immediate feedback from myself and your workmates!

But is it for me?
Well, do you have a community? Then yes!

User Profile: Ashley and Mark new business owners | Socially Constructed.Online

Business Owners

Revise or create an entirely new brand with Community at its center! You'll have a tested Brand Dossier in 4 weeks!

Beat That Fiverr!

User Profile: Josie The Community Manager | Socially Constructed.Online

Accidental Communities

Have a community that outgrew its britches or could use a little TLC? Use this framework to create much-needed structure.

Lookin' at you Web3!

Community Managers

Use this 1 month workshop to review 2022, revisit structural changes, plan next year's goals, and create a roadmap for 2023!

Executive Buy-in, Quickwin!

Leaders & Influencers

Sustainable audiences need quality communities of the right people. Take this workshop to reassess your space!

Tackle trolls the right way!

I have Questions...
Join our community Discord and let's talk!

There are 5 of scholarship seats in fact! If you’d like to apply for a scholarship please email me at Venia@sociallyconstructed.Online after reviewing the below criteria. 

You Qualify for a Scholarship if: 

  1. You’re a solopreneur or have less than 5 employees.
  2. You are early in your business or brand career.
  3. Your organization is a non-incorporated entity and seeks to empower the public good.
  4. You are willing to provide an honest review at the conclusion of the course

If you qualify please email me and sell your brand to me! What are you looking to accomplish with your community or organization?!

Fun fact, I don’t really believe in Homework! I believe in doing the work for your business when you’ve already set aside the time to do that work with the experts you hired to get the work done. 

So, this cohort course has 3 class sessions per week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. On Monday and Wednesday we’ll do 1 hour of learning, and 1 hour of class work. Fridays will just be 2 hours of class work. 

During learning sessions I’ll go over: 

  1. the exercise framework’s history and why
  2. SociallyConsructed.Online’s version 
  3. A version from a faux brand I’ve made up

We’ll then launch in to work for half an hour and close up with someone presenting what they have!

It does! A large amount of the cost of this course is simply paying for the workbook and recorded course basics in the Learning suite! 

If you already bought the workbook or already have VIP status in the Community Discord you maaaay wanna check your email or Discord DMs for messages from me ;D

Your wallet might be happy.

The more, the merrier, but to a limit! You can buy up to 2 seats out of the 20 but if you choose to bring a coworker the second ticket is 100 off, so you know, it pays to bring others.

This class will be hosted in the Community Discord’s VIP Class. We will also include recorded course content on the Socially Constructed Academy.


Once you’ve purchased this course you’ll be prompted to create your academy account and gain VIP access to the Community Discord.