Your Community Story with Author, Jono Bacon [2022]

Jono Bacon is a personal hero of mine. I count myself among the lucky but growing number he’s mentored in Community. In this episode of the CHAOSS Community Podcast, we’re talking to him about refining your community story to dispense with metrics obsession and find the metrics that matter most. It’s critical to figure out what the data is saying and what metrics don’t matter.

Interviewing my hero about data-obsession in community management, Jono Bacon

Why this podcast with Jono is seminal to my career

Revising this blog (as you do), a full year later I’ve been listening back on this podcast and it is still precious and critical to my path as a community architect.

When I started my nonprofit RESCQU.NET and fell in love with Community Management, but like many, I fell into the career role. I had no idea really what I was doing, but at the time my partner was working for an open-source company called Canonical, Ubuntu.  This was the same Canonical that Jono began his community management career with immense success. While at Canonical he bolstered interest, sales, participation, and development in the community. Over time I got the opportunity to learn from him as a community manager. 

Throughout the years afterward, I continued to stay in touch, speak with him, get advice, read his books the Art of Community and People-Powered. 

We’ve been a long-time part of the CHAOSScast open source community podcast, where we discuss community health, measurement, and more. Starting in 2022, we are abridging and uploading them on the SC.O Youtube Channel as well!

Jono also answered Our questions Directly!

Starting a business in a post-covid World

Getting curmudgeons to adapt new processes

What was your biggest takeaway from this interview with Jono?

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