[Video] The women pioneering wellness in a virtual worlds

This past May, I participated in a talk that was very out of my norm. I’m not a fan of the way that Web3 has been developing, nor am I hugely into the power of Metaverse as I don’t think that’s where we are really going with the internet, BUT the effort that women all over the world are putting into creating better virtual worlds is worth celebrating and fostering.

So I chose to participate in the panel at the Wellverse Summit. And I’m truthfully happy I did 🙂 Here’s the full video panel and the press release below!

🌟 Recap: Awe-Inspiring Discussion on Pioneering Inclusivity in Human Wellness 🌍

In a truly awe-inspiring panel discussion, women from all corners of the world came together to pioneer the next era of inclusivity in human wellness. Moderated by Grant McGaugh, the esteemed host of the Follow The Brand Podcast, this captivating event left attendees inspired and ready to make a lasting impact. The panelists shared their remarkable journeys and groundbreaking initiatives, including visionary leaders Gorete Lopes, Markeeta Stokes, MBA , Cynthia Mutheu, ✨ Samantha “Venia” Logan, Maria Almena, and Tameka Mclean.

Watch the Panel Discussion!

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Each panelist brought a unique perspective, highlighting the importance of diversity and championing social impact in the wellness landscape. With their collective expertise, these trailblazers explored the intersection of technology and humanity, uncovering innovative ways to address the specific needs of diverse populations.

From empowering marginalized communities to promoting mental health advocacy, integrating traditional practices into modern medicine, fostering diversity in the fitness industry, leveraging technology for inclusive wellness solutions, to advocating for reproductive health rights, the panelists left no stone unturned.

With Grant McGaugh’s masterful moderation and the incredible insights shared by these exceptional women, the world witnessed the birth of a new era—where inclusivity, social impact, and human well-being take center stage. Stay tuned for more impactful discussions and inspiring stories as we continue the Gatnerverse journey towards a brighter, more inclusive future of wellness. #InclusiveWellness #SocialImpact #InspiringPanelDiscussion #FollowTheBrandPodcast GatherVerse Christopher Lafayette

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