Social Listening is The End-All Tool

To Become The Authority In Your Niche

Simply Install Our Turnkey Social Currency Metrics System (SCMS) and turn the most crucial Online Conversations you have with your community, into your brand’s most powerful audience research, and decision making tool.

the SCMS research process

The single most important key to loyal support, consistent community growth, and real staying power...

is understanding your biggest fans.

But things like the quarterly survey, community pulse checks, or audience research, these are only costly promises made for community health.

They’re not the reason why you started your community…

No — you’re on a mission.

You have a purpose, and a vision you want to share with your most passionate followers.

In-depth community analytics isn’t quite on the top of your to-do list

not even close…

But without leveraging what your members are saying, you're missing your biggest opportunities to grow.

The choice to leverage the ongoing conversation for your success is up to you.

So the question is…

Do you Still want to know what they have to say?

Make Qualitative Data collection
Easy, scalable & reliable with the SCMS

1. Create Feedback Channels

Create processes to port support, review, comments, & other customer touch points into the system. 

2. Decide how channels should be assessed

Get one member for each department to calibrate how they assess data & standardize analysis.

3. Categorize the Data

Begin categorizing the data and make it searchable & analyzable.  Start looking for patterns.

4. Train & Crunch the Data

Compile enough data to make the data objective.

5. set benchmarks & Decide Goals

Compile enough data to make the data objective.

6. Evaluate flaws & Adjust the System

Re-calibrate, adjust, set another goal & repeat.

Check out our Demos and install a simple version!

Example - Lumber Jack's Currency in Data Studio

Using any data source you’d like, build a dashboard in Google Data Studio, Tableau, Power BI, or your preferred system! You can be super simple with it as this case here, or get fancy with word clouds! Check out 4 implementations below.

See it in Sheets

User Profile: Ashley and Mark new business owners | Socially Constructed.Online

Easy Mode

While more manual, google sheets and excel are both easy to start and flexible. There’s a lot of scaling potential, but it won’t store too much data and it’s not super flexible.

See It in Data Studio

User Profile: Josie The Community Manager | Socially Constructed.Online

Moderate Difficulty

This option augments the Google Sheets opportunity by turning your sheet in to a full database for creative control. When you’re ready to get more advanced, you can!

See it in Airtable

User Profile: Kevin the Influencer | Socially Constructed.Online

Medium Difficulty

Programs like Airtable, Notion, Coda, and Monday allow for integrations you won’t find in google sheets, but come with their own proprietary complexities. Give it a go though!

See it in Bitergia

User Profile: Mark the Data Analyst | Socially Constructed.Online

Hard Mode

Our friends at CHAOSS and Bitergia hooked our Google Summer of Code student, Ria up with a sweet implementation in their Grimoire Labs! This can fully automate the data and use AI keywords!