We Build Community Spaces
That Improve Brand & User Relationships

So we can create sustainable virtual worlds

Profile Picture of Samantha Venia Logan (preferred name is Venia).

We Design Better Spaces
in 4 Cost-effective Build phases That match your current needs

Prepare your Brand To Galvanize A Community

In this 6-week brand building process I will refocuse your brand strategy to attract the perfect community members.

Find the Perfect Platform To Power it

I will facilitate the 6-week process to find, assess, and select the perfect platform to call your community’s home.

Create A Community Charter To Set your Path

In this 6-week charter I will write your community strategy, member programs, and the guidelines to charter your community’s Path.

Find the Right Growth Metrics To Scale

In this 6-week process we will look at your community’s health, design a dashboard that determines ROI and create a metrics-focused plan.

After each phase, we'll train you to Sustain Your Progress
Until you're ready for the next phase

The System Works
Don't take it from us though

Debra Albert
Debra Albert@DebraAlbert
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During our most recent conversation, I asked Venia if I could have a "full pass access to her brain!" And I meant it! I cannot say enough about how deep her knowledge is—not just about any Community's ecosystem. From the highest level strategic thinking down to the nitty gritty details of implementation and execution.
Dylan Marcy
Dylan Marcy@DylanMarcy1
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At SC.O Venia teaches more than just talent and skill, she legitimately enjoys what she does in the community we made together. She truly strives for a positive impact in every Community and everyone she comes into contact with!
Hilary Snow
Hilary Snow@Chirotouch
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After 1 conversation with Venia my head was swimming with the valuable knowledge I gained in only 60 minutes. I feel better equipped to speak with C-suite at their level, I'm actually excited about the evolution our community will experience, and Venia has sent me off with great implementation resources as take aways after our conversation!
Pablo Gonzalez
Pablo Gonzalez@ConnectwPablo
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Just had one of the MOST substantial conversations about approaching #Community as a business that I've ever had with Samantha 'Venia' Logan. We're doing a show together in a couple weeks, but HOLY COW!
Rosie Sherry
Rosie Sherry@rosiesherry
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I think the part I love about Venia's definition of Community is that the definition's focus is on "a well-defined" unit of culture. It doesn't mention the less tangible aspects of relationships, belonging and connections. Instead it builds upon the tangigle shared aspects of Community you can actually leverage.

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Build, confirm & Convince your stakeholders
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Find the right path and rethink your community’s toughest challengest to find the confidence you need to build something extraordinary.

Who are you working with?
I build cultural spaces for clients & use them

My name is Venia, and I teach the Social Science of Community.

With a decade-long history in Anthropology, Full-Stack Marketing, multimedia content, events, and analytics. I create engaged audiences using a proven methodology of Community frameworks, such as social currency theory, to create peer-to-peer communities.

To Teach the Social Science of Community

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Still have reservations? Well, I have answers!

Have you ever heard that every community is its own snowflake?

It’s not a satisfying answer, but it’s true.

Thats why each of my 4 build stage packages come range from $3,600 – $15,000 and each step is carefully crafted to meet you where your community, and your wallet is.

Schedule your free consultation or email here, and we’ll start that discussion with


Note: we offer nonprofit discounts! Get 20% off my courses and services with proof of tax exempt status!

In short, we’ll prepare you for the next phase. 

During the offboarding week of your build phase project I will: 

  1. Keep an eye on your metrics dashboards
  2. Regularly check in on the community
  3. Invite your members to join my community for questions
  4. Train your team to maintain the systems and programs we make
  5. Ask if you’d like to set up consultations to keep you on track. 

When you or I feel you are ready for the next build phase, I will prepare you and offer the next contract.

Why don’t we figure that out together at your free Consultation?

Building a Community is a lot of work, and working with me should actually make you money in the long run. 

Afterall, If my advice doesn’t put you on the track to financial stability, I wouldn’t be a very good consultant would I?

The purpose of a Community is to build it co-iteratively and associatively

You must fosture your community through collaborative efforts with your internal keystakeholders report out regularly to your community, and bring those parts together to fund changes, make good on your Community’s ROI, and deliberatively decide what precedents you want to set. 

I could do each build phase in 2 weeks – but your community will not love it. So, neither will you. 

If you’re looking for me to build you a program quickly without member interviews I am not the consultant for you. 

TL;DR yes:

I will product-fit your current status to the packages that work best for you. If I find that you are lacking a step in earlier phases though I will provide you the requisite worksheets on a consultation basis and do them with you to move you forward. 

These packages are not about me – they’re about building a better virtual spaces. 


I will never charge to help you with basic personal growth and mentorship in online community so if your consultation is about breaking into the industry – I want to get you connected with the right people AND support you in greater ways then simple talks. 

And of course, if you want education, that’s what this co-iterative community is for!

So please, by all means join my online Discord Community, and grab your free coffee!

“If you want to be a giant, find someone else to stand on your shoulders.” ~ Venia Logan

Convinced? Perhaps you're Ever the skeptic...?

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