Moderating Safe Spaces for Queer and LGBTQI+ Folx

More About Moderating Safe Spaces for Queer and LGBTQI+ Folx

Session Description:
Drawing on personal and professional experience, Venia will explore moderation principles, practices, and processes that can create a safe and thriving digital social space for members of LGBTQI+ communities. She will address common challenges and issues facing both LGBTQI+ users, and those who moderate spaces they inhabit, along with strategies to address these.

Conference Description:
All Things in Moderation unites diverse moderation practitioners around the world with researchers, policy-makers, technologists, and anyone who cares about moderation as a critical cultural practice, for 2 days of knowledge sharing, learning, and action-focused collaboration.

The agenda includes keynotes, panels, workshops, and research presentations on:
– Global state of moderation
– Building online cultures of care
– Burnout and vicarious trauma
– Lessons from commercial content moderators
– Learning through moderation failures
– Moderating in Public
– Responding to organized online campaigns
– What does good law for moderation/moderators look like?
– What does institutional support for moderation look like?
– Reconciliation through moderation
– Moderation and restorative justice


May 11, 2023 9:00 pm to
May 11, 2023 9:30 pm
Recurring: No :


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