Info-Diet Book Club: Revisiting Community by Peter Block

More About Info-Diet Book Club: Revisiting Community by Peter Block

Hello! Welcome to the info-diet book club!
My name is Venia, and I’m the curator of this fine club where community and marketing experts meet every Thursday at Noon MST to discuss a community, leadership, or marketing book.

The purpose of this book club
is to prioritize learning and growth. We are not just learning to do “work” better. We’re engaging in why we fell in love with what you do.

Your continued engagement in this book club will:
Provide a space to nerd out about the things you love most
Introduce you to entirely new concepts you otherwise never would have found
Create an information diet you crave throughout the week
Provide support and encouragement when you run into inevitable hurdles
Open up new avenues for networking, mentorship, and collaboration

How does this work?
1️⃣ Every week at Noon MST we meet to discuss 50+ pages to the nearest chapter, of 1 @📚 – Info-Dieter’s choice, until we’re finished reading it.

2️⃣ We’ll spend 30 minutes discussing the book, 20 applying it to personal challenges, and the last 10 minutes putting our Takeaways in the book’s post comments.
What was your big takeaway?
What quotes hit or impacted you the most?
What’s a question that was tugging on your mind?
How would you apply it?

4️⃣ When we’re finished I will do a full book review on the Youtube Channel

5️⃣ We’ll then select a new book from the recommendations post.
The book must be readily available in digital format.
An audio book format is extra awesome
Here’s a link to the recommendations post:


June 1, 2023 12:00 pm to
June 1, 2023 1:00 pm
Recurring: weekly


Virtually at the link below!

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