Build an engine to power your community

6-Exercise Cohort to Blueprint & Build a Seamless Online Community Platform

live 6-week course Starts on May 19th!

working cover for Workbook 2: build the engine that powers your brand: 6 exercise workbook to architect a seamless & Compelling online platform

…Help me convince my boss?

^ Have an email template! ;D

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The 'right' community platform

shouldn't feel like a prison to you or your community

Selecting a Platform shouldn't Mean...

But sadly, It does. Platform decisions suck. There’s no helping it.

Oh, Were you expecting a solution?
There isn't one. You don't need An easy button

Your Community’s tech stack will always require tough decisions between the features available, the cost of each solution, what you’re on now, and how willing you are to fit the platform’s limits.  You don’t need a platform that pretends they don’t force you to make tough decisions. You need to consistencly navigate the market to your best solution.

You need a framework to navigate these tough decisions...

How do you know you're making the right choices?

How do you seperate the wheat from the chaff & get the best tech stack?

Blueprint Your Own Platform Engine

Measure The platforms Against Your Community's standard

You have a lot of messy stakeholder opinions to navigate before committing to a platform, So I’ve put together a 6-week platform engine workshop to guide you into the right home

The Platform Building Cohort Course

Design your community ecosystem Live with me & 14 others

Based on real social-scientific and communication frameworks,
but grounded in practical real-world experience from actual brands

What others have saidAbout our Courses

Hilary Snow
Hilary SnowCommunity Manager at Chirotouch
Read More
I'm an "accidental" community manager and my company is going through a big community refresh.

I've come out of this course with a solid plan of work. Venia's course has a great way of breaking down hard concepts into bite-size chunks to make it make sense. She's built every exercise carefully to give me the exact right words to reposition our brand. I would recommend this course for anyone who touches community in any way.
Seselis Blue
Seselis BlueCreative Storyteller & Editor
Read More
As a creative focused more on great stories then marketing myself I'm generally bad at it. I've worked on twitch for years, and I've never really been able to promote myself beyond a close-knit unstructured community.

As part of the Library Wars World I want to create a broader community for book lovers, to reclaim the tired literary tropes we've lost, but I lacked focus. Venia's done an incredible job of helping me understand what is best for me and how to tactically build one story project, into a community brand.
She's just been immensely helpful.
Debra Albert
Debra AlbertTech Entrepreneur & Anti-Agism Advocate
Read More
I can tell you first hand....RUN to Venia's LIVE MAGNETIC BRAND eCourse! I am completely convinced that there is no better expert in this field—anywhere!

And this isn't "let me tell you about venia and let me tell you how great she is."

I have so much faith in fact, that she knows what she's doing, that this course convinced me to hire her for my Magnetic Community Brand!
Lori Goldman
Lori GoldmanCommunity Manager & Podcaster
Read More
I own @Venia's Magnetic Brand Workbook and can't wait to apply what I've learned! HIGHLY recommend it!!

Build a new Place to belong

For community builders who need a Better place to live

This cohort is for new leaders struggling to implement on their missions, community builders drowning in new feature requests, and brands who’ve outgrown their shell

Preparing to Launch

User Profile: Ashley and Mark new business owners | Socially Constructed.Online

Find the right solutions to get your community to your short term goals, without limiting your long-term mission or breaking the bank on platforms that are too big for you.

Struggling to Grow

User Profile: Josie The Community Manager | Socially Constructed.Online

Navigate tough growth problems and difficult stakeholder discussions to find the right features and tools for your community’s health and ROI

Preparing to Scale

User Profile: Kevin the Influencer | Socially Constructed.Online

Enhance your community’s features and implement scalable solutions to today’s problems while preparing for tomorrow

Ready to design and build your Platform Engine?

Have your boss pick up the tab with this convincing email template!

What's in this Cohort Course?

Split into 2 modules - Design & Implementation

May 23rd

Map the community 
“User’ Journey

May 30th

Map your Technical Community ‘Flow’

June 6th

Do stakeholder discussions

June 13th

Map Your ‘Value’ Decisions

June 20th

Select Your Platforms

June 27th

Build your Platform Engine

Together, we'll develop a platform your Community will Grow into

You Ready?
Build a Platform Engine to Power your Community

This is step 2 to your ideal community, but entirely stand-alone.

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Need help convincing your boss?

We’ve put together an email template that worked for others!

We're practicing what we preach

This Live Cohort is part of our commitment
to co-iterative Learning

We co-create all of our course content by working with real brands going through real problems in our Socially Constructed Discord.  Purchasing this Cohort will provide you exclusive VIP community access to anyone who’se taken any of our courses so you can help each other regardless of the course you’re in!

Questions or lingering concerns?

I totally get you there! Money is really is hard right now—especially when it’s on the back of a Community that takes a while to build.  

Here’s what I would do for you: 

  1. Join the Socially Constructed Discord!
    Simply joining the Community can give you value and resources necessary to pay for this course. You may also find that our community members succeeded BECAUSE they took the chance on this course. So ask them for advice! 

  2. Pay in Installments
    I know $800 is a hefty pill to swallow at the moment, so you can split it up to a little upfront now, and finish up at the end of the course!

    That way, by the time you’re done, you’ll pay knowing it’s ABSOLUTELY worth it. And of course, if you didn’t find it useful, you can ask for a refund within the first week of the course. no harm, no fowl.

Yeah, we anticipated that’d be a problem.

Here’s a template that’s worked for others. You can start your email here, or you can copy/paste the copy below:



Hey [boss],

I’ve been looking at ways to improve our online community, and I think I found a course I would like approval to take.

One of the biggest things we’ve been struggling with is [your biggest struggle].

While looking at ways to solve this problem, I discovered an eCourse called the “Build a Platform Engine to power your community”, [link to the course], as part of Samantha ‘Venia’ Logan’s eCourse series teaching the Social Science of Community. It caught my eye and excited me because it [will help your struggle how?].

This course dives a LOT deeper into selecting a platform than any of the other courses and focuses more on the problems and decisions we’ll need to face then it does the platforms themselves. I think this could really cut a lot of red tapes and make sure we don’t have to do this dance again in a few years. it will also prepare me for a lot of unforeseen hurdles we’ll run into. It will make me a better Community builder, and I’ll come out of it with a really well-assessed platform Venia will help me choose. I think this will help us get on board rather easily.

The course requires around 20 hours of commitment, for $1200 dollars, but if we were to consult with her instead, that’s only about 7 sessions. Plus, I’ll get VIP access to her community and free feedback on the dossier if we encounter big roadblocks or questions.

Please take a look at it, give it some thought, and let me know by the end of next week if we have it in my career development budget? I’m genuinely excited about this! I’ll bring it up in our next meeting!


[your name]

In a word: YES! 

Although we will reference exercises and content from the first course, and it’s WAY easier with a complete brand dossier, I’ve built this cohort to be a stand alone product .

As long as you have the following things in any capacity you’ll be fine.

  1. A strong Business Plan
  2. Well-crafted user profiles 
  3. An industry context map (competition analysis)
  4. A customer value journey or funnel

To make this easier I’ve also given you access to the brand dossier itself for free through this course. If you want help processing through that book the course and I are always available. 

In short, yes, You’ll be fine.

Unless you’d prefer it werent, free advertising! builds communities co-iteratively. That means we use real brands like yours in the cohorts to teach people the social science of online community. 

In exchange you’ll have lifetime access to the course that you participated in. The recorded course will be updated every time a new cohort occurs though. 

Fo purchasing the cohort you’ll also get priority and discount seats on future cohorts as well!

The expected lifespan of the recorded eCourse content is about 3 years before we recommend re-taking it, because this industry mosts FAST.

All Communities struggle with platform decisions as it grows and there’s really no stopping it, but let me say this as someone in this business for 10 years. 

Frankly, if you don’t know how to discuss the hard value propositions that underly platform decisions, you’ll continue to run in to the platform never being enough.

This course is ALWAYS a great idea because it will help you find the problem, convince others it IS a problem, and then fix that problem with little to no red-tape. 

We do, indeed!

Because the Socially Constructed Community co-creates our resources we cater to a variety of learning methods.

Recorded eCourse

After thios cohort we will launch an eCourse that you get automatic access to!

The PDF workbook:

We will also build a lot of worksheets and resources with the cohort that will be published as their own pieces of content for those who don’t want to purchase an entire course and you’ll also get access to these.

This Cohort and all education resources we make are a part of the Socially Constructed Community

Because we are an iterative community where we co-create together, most of the people there can help you because they had a hand in the resources we make! 

Join the community here! 

If you’d like, absolutely! 

You can set up a consultation here

Typically platform assessments take around 6 weeks to complete because of  the difficult decisions involved, but it is usually ~25 hours start to finish.  It’s relatively cheap actually!