Always Report the Right Metrics
To your stakeholders & Your community

3 'WIFM' Dashboard approach to managing your Community Data Firehose

The current measurement paradigm

Isn't working for Community Managers

The Current System of Funnels are too Restrictive

Users do not use the internet as our funnels dictate they should

We need a new way to measure Community Value
We must measure Community Social-Scientifically

Metrics are meant to describe our reality, but the current measurement paradigm doesn’t do that. It’s time for an update. It’s time we stop using metrics created to sell products and instead create a metrics system that adapts and responds to the relationships our users have with one another.  We have to measure online communities using the methods, strategies, and approaches that actually capture the way that communities function.

And Guess what…

The Social-Scientific Process Already Provides The System we all need...

The 3 'WIFM' Dashboard Approach

To Managing the Community Data Firehose

This free 90-minute mini-course comes with 2 templates that will find the right metrics to report on your community, give you the focus to remove some ‘hats’ and report your Community Value to key stakeholders in a sleek beautiful and well constructed design. 

Stop floundering to report metrics. Start Building your dashboard template today

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This course helps Community Managers

find, Craft, & Report Your Community's reality in real time

Community builders are not data scientists, but we’re expected to deliver the relevant answers to the right people with pin-point accuracy. We have to speak for the community, but also prove its value to key stakeholders paying for it. This 3 ‘WIFM’ dashboard course will report the right metrics to the right people, in the perfect way.


User Profile: Ashley and Mark new business owners | Socially Constructed.Online

Get just the answers you care about from your community managers and save time by removing the caveats and confusion, on your own custom built dashboard.

Results & How


User Profile: Kevin the Influencer | Socially Constructed.Online

Systematize your community feedback and find the perfect metrics to report your community’s impact without losing the nuances of your community’s health

Precedent & Momentum


User Profile: Josie The Community Manager | Socially Constructed.Online

Claim a greater role and a bigger voice among your community stakeholders by ensuring what your members say, is considered just as important as what you do.

Behaviors & Sentiment

Ready to design your Community Dashboard?

How does this course work?

This course was created co-iteratively with the CLG campus community, to build a data system that collects, stores, and then reports your community’s data on a simple 3-slide Goode Data Studio Dashboard.

I designed this course to...

So that you can...

Here's what you can expect...

Learn the new way to measure your online Community Health.

Free eCourse: The 3 WIFM Dashboards to
To measure your Community's Data 

Build your Dashboard with us!

Meet the Brands That Already built theirs!

We built this course through live cohort workshops with real brands who have iteratively built their own dashboards to share, and they’re all still in the Socially Constructed Discord! 

Share your dashboard and get instant feedback from the people who’ve already been there!

Here's what they've said about it!

Hilary Snow
Hilary SnowCommunity Manager at Chirotouch
Read More
I'm an "accidental" community manager and my company is going through a big community refresh.

I've come out of this course with a solid plan of work. Venia's course has a great way of breaking down hard concepts into bite-size chunks to make it make sense. She's built every exercise carefully to give me the exact right words to reposition our brand. I would recommend this course for anyone who touches community in any way.
Seselis Blue
Seselis BlueCreative Storyteller & Editor
Read More
As a creative focused more on great stories then marketing myself I'm generally bad at it. I've worked on twitch for years, and I've never really been able to promote myself beyond a close-knit unstructured community.

As part of the Library Wars World I want to create a broader community for book lovers, to reclaim the tired literary tropes we've lost, but I lacked focus. Venia's done an incredible job of helping me understand what is best for me and how to tactically build one story project, into a community brand.
She's just been immensely helpful.
Debra Albert
Debra AlbertTech Entrepreneur & Anti-Agism Advocate
Read More
I can tell you first hand....RUN to Venia's LIVE MAGNETIC BRAND eCourse! I am completely convinced that there is no better expert in this field—anywhere!

And this isn't "let me tell you about venia and let me tell you how great she is."

I have so much faith in fact, that she knows what she's doing, that this course convinced me to hire her for my Magnetic Community Brand!
Lori Goldman
Lori GoldmanCommunity Manager & Podcaster
Read More
I own @Venia's Magnetic Brand Workbook and can't wait to apply what I've learned! HIGHLY recommend it!!

Questions or lingering concerns?

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Sweet! Thanks for purchasing the workbook! You’re entitled to a special discount the value of the workbook!

I’ve set up some automations to make sure you get access to an exclusive discount on the course so you’re not re-purchasing the book, but if I missed that, please just email me at, or message me in the Discord 🙂 We’ll work it out there. 

In a word: YES! 

Start here.

Measurement is a muscle, and jumping straight in to the fancy community measurement systems is often a mistake. Befor you can glean any information from your data systems you need to have a framework in place to view the data, a strategy in place to produce the data, and an approach in place to understand what the data is telling you.

I built this Data and analytics course knowing that you don’t have that infrastructure yet, so we are just going to build your measurement muscle from the ground up by giving you a theory, a data collection framework in a simple spreadsheet, and a dashboard that makes even the most bare bones of metrics impress.

So yes, start here.

Great question!

This course is updated via regular live cohort trainings in OTHER communities! As part of Socially Constructeds value to outreach to existing communities and use them to learn the social science of community, it re-do this workshop on a regular basis in other communities so it’s always built with real brands at the helm.

We do, indeed!

Because the Socially Constructed Community co-creates our resources we cater to a variety of learning methods.

Live Cohort Course

We update this eCourse regularly through a LIVE cohort course.

The Datasheet and Dashboards themselves:

If you’d rather work through the exercises yourself just join the community and we’ll provide you the documents themselves where we’ve written down all you need to operate the tools. 🙂

This eCourse and all education resources we make are a part of the Socially Constructed Community! 

Because we are an iterative community where we co-create together, most of the people there can help you because they had a hand in the resources we make! 

Join the community here! 

If you’d like, absolutely! 

You can set up a consultation here

Typically the measurement process we put together here takes ~4 weeks to accomplish from initial research on your community to sstakeholder interviews, and finally building it, but it’s about 20-25 hours of work total.

I’d be happy to do this for you and your community!