Confidently craft a magnetic brand

9 exercises to Attract the perfect audience for your lifelong community

What's in the Magnetic brand dossier?

Establish your Need

Write a Mission Statement

Build a Brand Identity

Find Your Perfect Users

Find a Place in the Market

Put Together an Offer

Hone Your Brand Voice

Design the Look & Feel

Sensical User Journey

Who is this book for?

If you're building a community around your brand this book is for you

User Profile: Ashley and Mark new business owners | Socially Constructed.Online

New or Growing Business owners

If you have an idea for a product, service, or project & need a brand that attracts users, this is for you.

User Profile: Josie The Community Manager | Socially Constructed.Online

Accidental Community Managers

If you've built a community already, but you're unsure how to foster its growth, you should start with this book.

Organizations leveraging community

If you've already got a brand and want to make community your competitive advantage, purchase the workbook.

Established Companies looking to rebrand

If you're rebranding to attract the right people and forge a healthier community, download the dossier.

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Use the Brand Identity Blueprint to connect your brand mission and values to your product/service, so that your target audience explicitly sees why why they should support your brand. 

Humanize your brand voice so that you’re meeting your users with the right tone for where they are in their user journey.

Example Workbook Exercises

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Example Workbook Exercises

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For first-timers who haven’t
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What is a magnetic brand?

To build community you must first have the right audience

All communities are made of people who share and participate in a common sense of belonging. To build a sense of belonging you should start by collecting people with shared interest and values. This is exactly what a magnetic brand does.

What is an Audience?

what is a Community?

What is a magnetic brand?