Did you fall
into community building?

that's how most of us started too, and its...


In such a rush to build the community industry
to prove our ROI, ride the Community wave, and forge confident managers
we've lost what it means to study and build culture

Community is a social science.
Our organizations and our virtual spaces are socially constructed.

"A Community is a well-defined unit of Culture:

The set of shared attitudes, values, goals, experiences, practices and artifacts that characterize a defined group of people of any specific size.

If you're measuring your community without defining your limits, bin your data."

So we're filling in a few gaps

We're preparing you & your stakeholders by...

Teaching you the Social Science of Community in an iterative virtual space among your peers

the SCMS research process

Here's how we're teaching community differently

We're Making 4 step-by-step workbooks & eCourses for creating communities

1. Craft a Magnetic Brand

Cover: Confidently Craft a Magnetic Brand

First you need a brand identity that attracts the perfect target audience and convinces them to ‘wear’ your brand as their own. 

2. Build a platform engine

Second, you need a powerful platform that implements your magnetic brand  to create a tiered-member experience.

3. Construct Your Community Charter

Third, it’s time to build the foundations of your community’s culture with the 3-part Community Charter, composed of your Strategy, Operations & guidelines.

Coming August 2023

4. Measure & Grow your ecosystem

And Lastly, you need to understand and foster the community using measurable social-scientific principles to acheive your stakeholders’ goals. 

Coming February 2024

1. Confidently craft a magnetic brand

9 exercises to Attract the perfect audience for your lifelong community

With 3 levels of interactive learning, You can start where you are and learn to build a magnetic brand the way that makes sense for you! 

Just want the Dossier template? Purchase it here!

Cover: Confidently Craft a Magnetic Brand

2. Build the Engine to power your brand

6 exercises to implement your brand and architect a seamless member journey

Cohort Registration Now open!
Class starts May 19th - June 30th

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And we're Co-Creating INCREDIBLE

Free REsources and educational content along the way!

3 WIFM dashboards to
Measure your Community Data Firehose

Always Free

The Socially Constructed Metrics System
for capturing social currency

Always Free

And we've built a community

To bring you tons of implementable education & Resources!

Here's how you can Join the Community Today!

As we build out our resources, we’re adding case studies, presenting new research, doing theory deep-dives, metrics how-tos, reviewing products and more, on our Youtube channel–videos every 2 weeks! 

The best way to learn is to collaborate daily with people who are just below, right at, and just above your skill level. That’s why master minds work. This community forges supportive connections with similar people.

Books are the easiest form of media to produce, but the least automatically engaging. So we build this book club to work whether you actually read the book or not – it’s automatic cliffnotes – 1 book per month.