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Our Partner Developer for Google Summer of Code, Ria Gupta is implementing the Social Currency Metrics system, In Grimoire Labs.

This is a step by step account of her progress as cross posted from her personal blog!

CALIBRATING the Codex with live data

This week’s collaboration meeting on the 26th was, prolific.

In this meeting we discussed the trends observed by tagging the data and discussed the future path of the SCMS’s development.

As expected, when we manually tagged data, out of all 5 tags, the most observed tag was “Utility”, because GrimoireLab provides very useful tools for software development analytics.

Further, we discussed the noise elements observed in the data and what to do with them. IRC messages rendered some noise, and those records could not be tagged. Since we can’t leave these records untagged, we have planned to remove such instances from the google sheets implementation, so that we could focus on meaningful texts.

​Some examples of noise “text” include:

​“abc_is now known as xyz” or “ChanServ sets mode: +o collabot`”

We also decided to utilize the SCMS’ “Category” which is a way to classify our records for more fruitful analysis by breaking down information into specific keyword sets.

For instance, a comment in which a user is asking for help in any issue might be indicative of ‘troubleshooting’. For GrimoireLab, since the majority of GitHub comments were related to troubleshooting, we decided to split this category into 2 categories namely “Incoming Request” and “Technical Support”. This was because having categories as precise as possible would help in analyzing data more efficiently. Categories like “Interpersonal”, “Operational” and “Transactional” were also put down to be added later.

Basic Visualisations


Apart from tagging data, I also spent the week learning the process of making a visualisation.

​I made some of the basic visualizations using the index which contained randomly tagged data. Visualisations I’ve made so far included a pie chart of 5 different tags, a bar chart of the number of comments received per week, data indicating the number of conversations from different channels and I”ll produce more in the comming weeks.

Thanks for reading!

This week marks the end of the first coding period, It has been a wonderful month coding, brainstorming, blogging, interacting with the so-awesome mentors! ?

That’s it for this week.? Make sure you have a look at the project updates on Github #ria18405/GSoC.

​All questions and comments are welcomed! Stay tuned for more weekly updates. ?

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