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We’ve been working with a talented Software Developer, Ria Gupta, to implement the Social Currency Metrics System in GrimoireLab for Google Summer of Code and a part of Ria’s journey is blogging about her experiences.

This is her 3rd week and Ria’s detailing every step of the process! 

Preparing for next week…

I’m toward the end of the community bonding period! It’s almost time to start coding.

This is the last week of phase 0 of GSoC called Community Bonding period, where we interact with the community, get to know our mentors who will be guiding us in the upcoming 3 months of the exciting journey ahead. It also includes some greater learning to understand our project in-depth and making a concrete timeline to keep the project focused and directed towards the main end goal.

​Now on June 1st the coding period will begin, Woah! ?

Ria Gupta

I had a meeting with my mentors on 22 May 2020 where we discussed the implementation of the Social Currency Metric System, how is the codex table created, and used.

I had done a pilot study to understand the pros and cons of using existing enriched indexes over creating new ad-hoc enriched index for SCMS. The results of this study favoured the creation of new enriched indexes. This week, I had tried to do a very interesting pre-coding period task to extract comics data from Marvel using grimoirelab tools like Perceval. This meant the creation of a new backend for marvel. [the single best sentence we’ve ever heard at SC.O ~ Venia] The repository can be found here.

After cloning the Perceval directory, and executing perceval marvel, it will yield all comics data from perceval. Integration with ELK is left and will be continued during the coding periods at a secondary priority.

After this, I had the last pre-coding period meeting with my mentors on 29 May 2020. 

We focused more on the implementation plan and timeline found here.

​We also had a detailed discussion about applying ‘keyword analysis’ to tag data on the basis of Social currency. We analysed the setbacks of using tags, one majorly being differentiating negative sentiments with positive ones. Imagine something like “I find this product to be very useful.” and “I did not find this product to be of any use.” Both these statements will have to be categorized under the parameter “Utility”, but separating these contrasting sentiments will help in creating the SCMS a more meaningful system.

Finally, the time has come, which I had been looking forward to so long, the Coding Period! I hope to bring out my best during this journey ? Yay! Looking forward! ❤️

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