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Last week we announced we had just started a journey with a talented Software Developer, Ria Gupta, to implement the Social Currency Metrics System in the GrimoireLabs open-source community metrics program at CHAOSS Project. 

This week was Ria’s first week and in this blog series we are cross-posting Ria’s personal blog detailing every step of the process!  

Here is Week 1: The community bonding, “getting to know y’all” period!

This blog has been cross-posted from Ria’s blog with her permission…

Week 1:
​Community Bonding

I had my first meeting with one of my mentors Valerio Cosentino on 8th May 2020, at around 7.30 PM IST (or 4 PM CEST). The meeting details are here.
Profile: Ria Gupta builds the Social Currency Metrics System in GrimoireLab

We discussed some fundamental things first regarding the communication platform for meetings for the next 3 months. Along with this, we discussed the mode of updating progress and some tasks to be done prior to the coding period. He explained every component of CHAOSS, how any data point is moved from one to another, to get an overview of the community. I was made aware of several Working Groups present in the community and the official mailing lists. He proposed some tasks to help me get familiar with grimoirelab and ELK.

He gave excellent advice to make a project log Github repository and keep updating it with time. It can act like a project-tracker repository and will make it easier to track the project’s developments. It will contain all blogs and a summary of all weekly meetings.

On Tuesday I met the rest of my mentors. It was absolutely a pleasure meeting them. We had a friendly session to discuss how things are going to look in the next three months. I bombarded them with my multiple questions about SCMS(Social Currency Metric System), to which they explained the concepts and the idea behind the metric system in greater detail. We discussed some details on communication platforms and blog details too.

Meeting Conclusions: 

  1. Communication platform — Google Hangouts for instant assistance.
  2. Meeting Schedule — Friday, 19hr30–20hr30 (IST) / 16hr-17hr (CEST)
  3. Make a project tracker repository for easily tracking the progress. (You can find it here)
  4. Write Weekly Blogs and publish it on CHAOSS community blog page, SociallyConstructed blog page.
  5. Send updates to CHAOSS mailing list once in every Coding Period.

The Community-Bonding Plan:

  1. Creating a backend for Marvel API
  2. Extract comics from there using grimoirelab/perceval.
  3. Create raw/enrich connectors for the Marvel backend.
  4. Create a dashboard for visualisations
  5. Try to understand SCMS through Social Capital Theory.
After meeting my mentors, I could feel a huge bubble of inspiration within me!!

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