[Podcast] Community Health at Mautic with Ruth Cheesley

In this CHAOSSCast episode, Ruth Cheesley of Mautic, an open-source marketing platform let us in on how she is measuring community health and growth for a non-coding audience.

Venia is a regular organizer and panelist CHAOSScast, where we discuss community health and measurement.

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Mautic is a Big Community

Ruth’s biggest issue with Mautic at Aquia has been the issue of identifying technical debt across several demographics throughout the large community. On one end she has developers who must build solutions for marketers and on the other end marketers who will never be coding contributors.  Her biggest focus was making sure that parts of the community who thought the project was dead or that changes were not being implemented, saw the parts of the community that were truly trying to resolve those issues.

Her answer was a publicly available community dashboard so that the community could directly interact with the data. 

She did this by using GrimoireLab‘s community health infrastructure and dashboarding from Savannah CRM. She also build the dasbhaoard by identifying what is most useful to her community through the CHAOSS project metrics!

Click to see the Mautic Live 90-day dashboard produced by Ruth Cheesley!
Click here to view the Mautic Live Community Dashboard!

Conveniently we should mention that CHAOSS toolkit does in fact include our own Social Currency Metrics System!

In the podcast, we are discussing her case study using the system to re-engage and combine parts of the community with others.  

How do you feel about publicly releasing Metrics to your community members and to the general public?

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