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We are incredibly excited about this…Announcing Ria Gupta, a software engineer in the Google Summer of Code, who will be building the Social Currency Metrics System in GrimoireLabs!

In this blog we are going to start a series that is going to last a months here at SC.O. 

Thanks to our relationship with the CHAOSS open-source community we’ve gotten the chance to be a part of the Google Summer of Code; a residency program of sorts where talented and promising software developers get paired with open-source projects to build code….. ​

And Ria Gupta was selected to implement the Social Currency Metrics System in CHAOSS’ GrimoireLabs!
^ That’s crazy Awesome!


In this blog series, at opensource.com, and on her own page, Ria is going to update us on her project every week! 

Before we launch in to her first blog though…Ria, It is absolutely wonderful to have you! 

This blog has been cross-posted from Ria’s blog with her permission…

“Magic happens when you don’t give up, even though you want to. The universe falls in love with a stubborn heart.”



It had been my first encounter with the open-source world.

​Despite very encouraging mentors, it was very intimidating at first. I can still remember the numbness I felt after submitting my first PR. There were times when I self-doubted myself, but as it is said, the mornings bring a ray of hope along, I got back to my feet to work.

​I had applied for both GSoC and Outreachy under the organisation CHAOSS, and on May 04, I was euphoric after getting selected in both! I decided to continue with GSoC during the summer of 2020.

The account of me getting selected for GSOC’20 came as a piece of pleasant news to me. I got selected for GSOC under the organisation CHAOSS, for the project “Implementing Social Currency Metric System in Grimoirelabs”.

​I will be working for the next 3 months, starting from June- Aug’20 remotely on this project for the software improvement position. My project has 4 mentors from different geographical locations.

​I am glad to be a part of such a welcoming and encouraging community.
Want to see Ria’s progress with the project in more real-time? check out her project tracker here!

About the Project

Community sentiment is based on the opinions and expectations of community members which is very important for framing decisions. Member input in essential decisions to public health is very important and thus, helps in better decisions which in turn help in the better framework and execution. Collecting and processing all the data like emails, comments, issues, pull requests, tweets etc. will allow community leaders to make key quality decisions regarding transparency and actionability of open source project health. Data is tagged with respect to social currency constructs like Merit, Trust, Transparency, Utility, Consistency.

By Implementing the Social Currency Metric System, we will be able to measure the value of community interactions to accurately gauge the ‘reputation’ of a community. Implementing Social Currency Metric System (SCMS) will be a huge milestone in providing a better view of project health in the open-source community. That is because, through SCMS, we are adding another dimension of social currency in the metric. Measuring community interactions, analysing it will definitely take CHAOSS one step ahead to measure project health.

My Approach

Diagram: Ria Gupta's plan for implementing the social Currency Metrics System in CHAOSS Project's GrimoireLabs

My Role in the Project

  • Extract enriched_index data from GrimoireLab ELK backends for different data points like GitHub, Twitter, emails etc and storing all attributes in a CSV
  • Importing all data obtained into excel or google sheets and AirTable using APIs.
  • Tag data in Airtable, Now import the tagged dataset and convert to JSON format.
  • Export the tagged data back to enriched_index.
  • Make analytical visualisations with the enriched data in the GrimoireLab Siglis dashboard (default dashboard for enriched indexes) to see the trends and make other interpretations from the tagged data.
  • Integrate the methods with GrimoireLabs backends. This will be done by adding the scripts (used for extracting enriched data, processing it, converting into JSON etc) in GrimoireLab backends.
  • Ensure the robustness of the system by making unit test codes.

Stretch Goals
  • Automate the process of tagging datasets by using prior trained models.
  • Using a consensus (marking the majority) method to tag a data point.
  • Look for any other more accurate and less tedious method to tag datasets
  • Measuring community sentiment by implementing sentiment analysis on the extracted enriched index data.

Thank you

I thank my family, friends and super helping mentors for supporting me and encouraging to work harder. ❤

I plan to dedicate myself completely to complete the project efficiently. I hope I do due justice to the project and the community 🙂

Looking forward to loads of fun and a fantastic learning experience!

“ I’m not afraid of storms, for I’m learning how to sail my ship!”

Follow the rest of her journey!

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