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At the beginning of the month we were accepted and paired with a talented Software Developer, Ria Gupta, to implement the Social Currency Metrics System in GrimoireLab for Google Summer of Code. 

​Last week was Ria’s first week and in this blog series we are cross-posting Ria’s personal blog detailing every step of the process!  

Here is Week 2: Launching the SCMS in Airtable!

This blog has been cross-posted from Ria’s blog with her permission…

The social bonding period continues

I had a meeting with all of my four mentors on Friday, 15 May’20. The details are here.

We largely discussed the past 2 weeks’ progress and understanding of SCMS (Social Currency Metric System) in more detail. It was similar to a training to understand the importance of qualitative data over quantitative. The main agenda of the training was “Why qualitative data is rejected in business, and how reframing its collection using the SCMS makes it useful in businesses?” It was a very informative presentation delivered by Samantha and Dylan. ​

This was the first training of the training series which includes a total of six training sessions. Analysing trends in the data and helps in building context, unlike Quantitative data which isolates trends. For understanding this better and having a better first-hand experience, I’ll be implementing a personal SCMS system this week.

Ria Created Airtable Data with Amazon Data

Implementing SCMS on Twitter data of Amazon
For the next meeting, we’ll be discussing the concrete implementation of the project both technically and theoretically. For this, I have some implementation ideas written in my Project Proposal, and I had a meeting with Valerio to discuss the pros and cons of different approaches. One approach is to use the already present enriched index, and the other is to create new ad-hoc indexes.
exported data from the airtable.

Output data extraction with specific parameters of CHAOSS mailbox

What I did this past week

  • I implemented a working SCMS on Airtable using collecting Tweets of Amazon. Just for the initial setup, I’ve used a small database i.e around 10–15 records. You can find it here. It involved defining a Communication Trace, I had selected twitter, can be extended to include more platforms; defining a meaningful codex, Tagging data on the basis of Utility, Trust, Transparency, Consistency, Merit.
  • pilot study towards building an Implementation Sketch was done. The repository can be seen here. For this, I created a new enricher for mbox (ScmsMboxEnricher), Changed the attributes of data present like SubjectAnalysed-> Scms_Subject_Analysed or Body_Extract -> Scms_Body_Extract. Created a new pipermail enricher inheriting from scmsmbox. Removed all data except the 5–6 attributes mentioned i.e uuid,project,project_1,grimoire-creationdate,origin, Subject_analysed and Body_extract. Executed micro-mordred to collect and enrich data from mbox. Dumped the enriched data to an ElasticSearch index. Made a script ES2Excel which will place all attributes of data received in different columns of the excel. Output CSV file.
  • Understood the interaction between Perceval and ELK and Kidash via terminal commands. Explored p2o.py which can be used to enrich the data extracted. It returns 2 data sets, raw and enriched index. Used Kidash to make a dashboard of the data present at localhost:9200.p2o was used before micro-modred and is decommissioned. Also gained some basic understanding of raw data and enriched index data.

The plan for next week

Profile Picture: Ria Gupta

Next week plan is to advance the implementation of elk and include github issue and comments. Along with this, try to implement a method in which we can break customer reviews into 2/more sentiments without bringing incoherence or context break. This will involve checking NLTKs implementation and understanding MaxQDAs approach to such situations.

Don’t miss out on more of Ria’s Journey over the next several weeks! We have a series of these blogs throughout the process and you can start with the previous one here: 

Definitions in this blog:

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