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We’ve already announced the first podcast we were involved in on the Social Currency Metrics System, so this week we’re starting with CHAOSScast: What is Grimoire Lab?

We believe in the power of existing communities so we’ve gotten involved in the CHAOSScast open source community podcast and Venia is an organizer and panelist for episodes! Starting this week, we’ll be releasing our episodes in the CHAOSS community here for you to listen to.  If you’d like to see them all, head over to CHAOSS.community or to your favorite podcast app! 

Why does Grimoire Lab Matter to you?

GrimoireLab is the software suite that we use to run an implementation of the Social Currency Metrics System that Ria Gupta built.  As an open-source software, GrimoireLab is capable of porting in channels of data, compiling and analyzing it, and producing powerful dashboards similar to Google Data Studio (GDS).

The difference and advantage Grimoire Lab has over GDS is that it’s 100% open -ource and has an order of magnitude more platform integrations. It has dedicated support representatives and a full suite of webhook, API data!  That means once you have access you can request or make changes to any part of the platform, which creates a lot of freedom and power for your ability to measure community health! Ruth Cheesley at Mautic even powers her community dashboard on it through the Savannah CRM!

GrimoireLab is powerful and that’s why we recommend it as your next step, once you’ve used the more flexible Google Data Studio to its fullest.

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