[Podcast] How the SCMS became a CHAOSS Metric

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We’ve spent the past month launching the SCMS and SociallyConstructed.Online.

​It’s been a lot of work, but that work has paid off, and we’re excited to unveil some of the fruits of our behind-the-scenes work, much of which has been dedicated to promoting our upcoming partnership with the CHAOSS project.  

This blog is promoting the 1st of many collaborative efforts between SociallyConstructed.Online and CHAOSS (Community Health Analytics Open Source Software). We are incredibly thankful for the opportunity to sit down and record a full hour-long podcast discussing the Social Currency Metrics System on CHAOSS  Community’s podcast, CHAOSScast.

​If you’re interested in how SociallyConstructed.Online emerged, why we do what we do, and what we have in store in the future, give it a listen here and consider subscribing to the podcast! Venia is officially a regular on the show and we plan to have a long-standing relationship with CHAOSS moving forward.

What does this mean for you?

The podcast primarily focuses on what it looks like to create a metric for CHAOSS, but more importantly, it discusses how you can implement the SCMS as a metric for CHAOSS’s open source community analytics software, GrimoireLabs. 

To that end, we’ve provided here some additional content to get you started!


A More Formal conversation with CHAOSS
Prior to this podcast we had a more internal presentation with the CHAOSS community after last year’s Open Source Summit in San Diego.  This provides a more structured, and more visual approach the Social Currency Metrics System, and CHAOSS.
Also some more great news…Ria Gupta’s been hired to install the SCMS in Grimorie Labs! 
After this was recorded we were also accepted for the Google Summer of Code and Ria Gupta, a talented sophomore programmer is now implementing it week by week! She’s blogging about the whole thing over the next several months. Check out her blog here

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