We believe Building Communities Intentionally 
will breed a healthier virtual world

How will you impact the lives of your members?

So We build Magnetic Brand Communities
That find & keep Members you care about

Tweak your current brand, or build a new one that attracts a target market that can relate, connect, and affiliate with your brand’s mission and identity.

Create Strong User communities

Point your marketing dollars toward filling your community by seamlessly integrating your campaigns with your community strategy, for a more engaging onboarding experience.

Assemble actionable data systems

Design and compile a strong measurement system that makes sense and tells your stakeholders a complete user journey, so you can get away from ROI and focuses on community health.

And We Provide Training 
to inform community expertise

Get training, mentorship, and resources for business owners, community managers, marketers, data analysts, and influencers so you can become an expert in social-scientific methods for building virtual worlds.

So If you're building something cool
That people want to gather around & share...

Running a Business

User Profile: Ashley and Mark new business owners | Socially Constructed.Online

Build a magnetic brand that allows your target audience to affiliate with your brand so much, they take action to help you, so you’ll always know exactly where you need to put your next dollar.


User Profile: Kevin the Influencer | Socially Constructed.Online

Build a healthy work-life balance between sponsors and your audience by creating an intentional growth strategy so you can get back to building authentic connection with your audience.

Managing the Community

User Profile: Josie The Community Manager | Socially Constructed.Online

Leverage and prove the ROI of your community, while still embracing your community’s unique chaos, so you can focus on forging better connections and learning from them.

Measuring Your Impact

User Profile: Mark the Data Analyst | Socially Constructed.Online

Augment the behavioral metrics you’ve built, and go occasional (rare) surveys, to highlight the value of your brand community with community health metrics.

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