We believe In Building Communities Intentionally 
To breed a healthier virtual world

In this Community We Research, Use And 

Teach the Social Science of online spaces

So We build Magnetic Brand Communities
That find & keep Members you care about

We Design Magnetic Brands

Hire us to tweak your current brand or build a new one that attracts the perfect future community member so they will better affiliate with your brand and increase lifetime value.

Architect Community Spaces

Point your marketing dollars toward filling your community with valuable brand advocates by seamlessly integrating your community strategy with your business goals for a more engaging experience.

And Measure Your Community's Health

Design and compile a strong cohesive measurement system that reports only what individual stakeholders need so you can go beyond measuring ROI and focuses on stakeholder and community health.

Lori Goldman
Lori Goldman@LoriGoldman
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I own @Venia's Magnetic Brand Workbook and can't wait to apply what I've learned! HIGHLY recommend!! ~CMX community Slack
Dylan Marcy
Dylan Marcy@DylanMarcy1
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At SC.O Venia teaches more than just talent and skill, she legitimately enjoys what she does in the community we made together. She truly strives for a positive impact in every Community and everyone she comes into contact with!
Debra Albert
Debra Albert@DebraAlbert
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During our most recent conversation, I asked Venia if I could have a "full pass access to her brain!" And I meant it! I cannot say enough about how deep her knowledge is—not just about any Community's ecosystem. From the highest level strategic thinking down to the nitty gritty details of implementation and execution.
Hilary Snow
Hilary Snow@Chirotouch
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After 1 conversation with Venia my head was swimming with the valuable knowledge I gained in only 60 minutes. I feel better equipped to speak with C-suite at their level, I'm actually excited about the evolution our community will experience, and Venia has sent me off with great implementation resources as take aways after our conversation!
Pablo Gonzalez
Pablo Gonzalez@ConnectwPablo
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Just had one of the MOST substantial conversations about approaching #Community as a business that I've ever had with Samantha 'Venia' Logan. We're doing a show together in a couple weeks, but HOLY COW!
Angela Bowman
Angela Bowman@AskWPGirl
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Venia's talk at #ATO22 was fabulous! Certainly a lot of big concepts that I think I intuitively knew, but never had a way to label. It helps to define what's happening in groups.
Rosie Sherry
Rosie Sherry@rosiesherry
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I think the part I love about Venia's definition of Community is that the definition's focus is on "a well-defined" unit of culture. It doesn't mention the less tangible aspects of relationships, belonging and connections. Instead it builds upon the tangigle shared aspects of Community you can actually leverage.
Paloma Oliveira
Paloma Oliveira@pcultural
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@SamanthaVenia's offering a very well-informed and in-depth lecture on social science to value and understand Communities! #Bravo @AllThingsOpen!

And We Provide Training 
To Level up Your community expertise

In addition to client services, we offer training, mentorship, and co-created learning resources like workbooks, eCourses and Live Cohort Trainings so you can become an expert in the social-scientific methods of your virtual world.

So If you're building something cool
That people want to gather around & share...

Running a Business

User Profile: Ashley and Mark new business owners | Socially Constructed.Online

Build a magnetic brand that allows your target audience to affiliate with your brand so much, they take action to help you, so you’ll always know exactly where you need to put your next dollar.


User Profile: Kevin the Influencer | Socially Constructed.Online

Build a healthy work-life balance between sponsors and your audience by creating an intentional growth strategy so you can get back to building authentic connection with your audience.

Managing the Community

User Profile: Josie The Community Manager | Socially Constructed.Online

Leverage and prove the ROI of your community, while still embracing your community’s unique chaos, so you can focus on forging better connections and learning from them.

Measuring Your Impact

User Profile: Mark the Data Analyst | Socially Constructed.Online

Augment the behavioral metrics you’ve built, and go occasional (rare) surveys, to highlight the value of your brand community with community health metrics.

But you're not sure how to get started

We also 'Talk' our Walk
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Reading books is simply not the preferred way of learning about Community, but it’s unfair to lock that knowledge away behind 2 covers. So we co-create shared spark notes & Takeaways in the discord!

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